WTF – Date Skaters Site

So apparently there is a website where you can meet “Single” skateboarders .  According to “Date Skaters is a Rad New Dating Site That Will Help You Meet Local Skaters!”.  Im going to have to give this the ultimate WTF of the week as its just unreal that this even exists.  We signed up to see what kind of people are out there looking to “Date Skaters” and below are some amazing images of the talent you can hope to meet.  They are also charging for a profile on their dating site which makes this even sadder.  $13.95 for a 3 month membership, this is nothing short of amazing.   If you are lucky you can sign up and maybe get a date with “Piercing Beauty” from Long Beach.  If you want a laugh, check this out.   

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They even give advice on how to “Meet Skateboarders” and even explain why you would be interested in dating one.  According to the site, “If you ever wanted to date skaters, it must have been because of Tony Hawk. He is one of the cutest people alive. His casual haircut, blue eyes and great attitude towards children – all this makes him a fantastic candidate for a dream date. But skating is not only a sport or lifestyle, it is something you have in your soul; and if you want to date a skater, you have a lot to learn.”  

This is unbelievable, the fact that someone put this together and put this logic behind it is shocking.  Furthermore, here is their advice of  “How to meet a skater” along with their “Do’s & Donts”.

And I quote, ” The good place to start from is by joining our club. Browse through profiles, choose the cutest skater and find out what he likes and dislikes and where his favorite places to hang out are. Or open your own profile and try to attract a skater to invite you for a date. After spending some time on this magnificent website you will certainly know where to ask him to take you and what you should do. It is also important to catch a phrase or two from skater vocabulary – just to know what he means when talking about the most important thing in his life.  Visiting skate parks and hanging around places where skaters like to be can be a useful dating strategy; but without all background information and the right attitude, you will probably end up all alone. Or maybe you have tried it all and realized that local skaters are just a bunch of uninteresting kids wasting your time. If you are ready to take the next step, give our club a try. You can create your account now and return later, when you have enough time and privacy to indulge in the finest selection of skaters available for dating.”